Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mets choke on their Home Cooking this past week

Spring Training - Tradition Field - Jonathan Niese
Spring Training - Tradition Field - Jonathan Niese (Photo credit: wallyg)
Wendy Adair

As the Mets are starting their road trip to Miami and Atlanta this next week, all we can say is that they could not get out of town fast enough, they lost five of six games this past week at home.

The Los Angeles Dodgers took two of three from the first series and the one game that the Mets did manage to win was on a Jordany Valdespin walk off Grand Slam

This afternoon the Philadelphia Phillies just completed their sweep of the Mets.  When you only have three hits in a game, like the Mets did today, there will be very few victories unless they are all Home Runs.  David Wright drove in Ruben Tejada with an RBI single in the first inning, that was it, the rest of the game showed no offensive prowess by the Mets hitters.

All around, this team has not played fundamentally sound baseball, they are making too many errors and their bullpen has been overutilized and poorly managed by Terry Collins.  One thing that has been a bright spot is the team's hustle, they are taking the extra bases whenever possible and this has the opposing pitchers and infielders on constant alert.

In order to prevent further damage to their standings in the NL East, the Mets MUST win at least four of the next six games against the Marlins and the Braves.  While the Marlins are about equal to the Mets in talent, the Braves have been blowing everyone away, especially the Upton Brothers.

Here is to some great road rations this coming week, Lets Go Mets, get it together, fans are actually starting to not even care about this team, they are way past frustration. 
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  1. Marlins are about even to the Mets in talent? Is that a joke? I dont wanna here that. Our Mets have a MUCH better team then the Fish. i want to see a sweep this week

  2. No that is not a joke, Giancarlo Stanton can carry the Fish when he is red hot. Yes, overall the Mets are a better team, but right now they are not playing sound baseball.

    Thanks for the comment.