Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Egg on the face makes for an interesting appetizer

Well the Winter Meetings will take place next week and it looks like the Mets may already be on the appetizer course - egg, on their face, that is..  the David Wright contract speculations from earlier today has made a royal mess of things.

I would much rather them use eggs for a recipe for a winning team that is respected on and off the field than have it all over their faces for one embarrassing mishap after another, nothing worse than wasted food!!

Sandy Alderson needs to do some shopping next week but having this kind of situation with a star player can only discourage potential free agents from wanting to join the Mets, no matter what they get paid, you cant put a price on your dignity.

While I understand that making sure Wright is locked up before the Winter Meetings may set a precedent that the Mets are serious about Wright being a part of the future, not just the past, playing games with him and his continued desire for privacy and respect will only leave a sour taste in his mouth about remaining in New York.

The above picture may be of David Wright warming up before a game in Washington DC but today he has steam coming out of his ears and is gritting his teeth out of frustration that rumors of him being given offers and refusing them leaked out and he is being made out to be the greedy villain.

Time to work up an appetite for having the winning recipe in 2013.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today's Special: Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Pedro Cerrano and JASON BAY???

Everyone's favorite cinematic "lovable losers" are possibly joining forces with the recent castoff of MLB's actual "lovable losers". The Cleveland Indians are really best known for the movie franchise "Major League". They have not done much that is noteworthy on the field in the past several decades. In the movies, Cleveland throws together the most motliest of crews in an attempt to catch lighting in a bottle.

Real life seems to be imitating art these days. It seems that the Indians are talking to Jason Bay about a free agent contract for next season. They are currently still in negotiations with Kevin Youkilis. All of this after hiring Terry Francona as their manager.

This is clearly Cleveland's way of building a midwestern version of the Boston Red Sox. Bay, however, may or may not be the answer. If you're the Indians, though, he comes with the right price tag. The Mets bought out his contract a few weeks back and, as a result, still owe him $21M from his massive and uninspiring original $66M contract.

It's common knowledge that Bay is thought of as a wonderful guy and a great teammate to have around in the clubhouse. Perhaps, as the Indians are hoping, he could catch lightning in a bottle with Francona and with being back in the American League. Goodness knows, he surely didn't by returning to the National League.

I'm sure all Mets fans wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. We just all wish he wasn't doing it in another uniform on the Mets' dime.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mets Hot Stove is on Pre Heat

Greetings Mets fans!!

I hope that you enjoy reading our posts about our players and the team in general.

For  my first article I would like to talk about the Hot Stove not even remotely reaching a decent cooking or baking temperature.
First, please allow me to introduce myself, I am Wendy Adair, a lifelong Mets fan and writing about our beloved Metropolitans  is something that I enjoy very much. 

 My favorite player is David Wright, who both my husband and I immediately took to since he was a rookie, we nicknamed him "Bubble Boy" because he always had the bubble gum taking up half if not his whole face.

Below is a picture that my husband took of David Wright at Yankee Stadium in June of 2010, full head first dive mode around home plate, we thought for sure his goose was cooked!! Somehow he evaded the tag and  scored the only run that mattered in that game, the Mets went on to win 4-0.

To begin with, the aforementioned David Wright, along with RA Dickey, our 2012 All Star Game representatives, have not been extended, only their options have been picked up, all that means is that they are fully under team control.

Jason Bay's contract was terminated but he is still owed quite a bit of money but for now its addition by subtraction as far as bad contracts go, sad to say but Bay never lived up to his expectations.  As even shown above, he was a spectator to the stars on the team doing everything humanly possible to win games.

While I am not expecting any major Free Agent signings, I do expect that the Hot Stove should at least be ready for major holiday time cooking at the Winter Meetings.  It is understood that no one is, or should be safe from being traded, and that may be the only way to truly infuse this team with the talent to at least be in contention every September.

After Thanksgiving when all the leftovers have  been properly contained for later meals, the Mets will have some of their own dishes to bake for the 2013 season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 

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