Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today's Special: Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Pedro Cerrano and JASON BAY???

Everyone's favorite cinematic "lovable losers" are possibly joining forces with the recent castoff of MLB's actual "lovable losers". The Cleveland Indians are really best known for the movie franchise "Major League". They have not done much that is noteworthy on the field in the past several decades. In the movies, Cleveland throws together the most motliest of crews in an attempt to catch lighting in a bottle.

Real life seems to be imitating art these days. It seems that the Indians are talking to Jason Bay about a free agent contract for next season. They are currently still in negotiations with Kevin Youkilis. All of this after hiring Terry Francona as their manager.

This is clearly Cleveland's way of building a midwestern version of the Boston Red Sox. Bay, however, may or may not be the answer. If you're the Indians, though, he comes with the right price tag. The Mets bought out his contract a few weeks back and, as a result, still owe him $21M from his massive and uninspiring original $66M contract.

It's common knowledge that Bay is thought of as a wonderful guy and a great teammate to have around in the clubhouse. Perhaps, as the Indians are hoping, he could catch lightning in a bottle with Francona and with being back in the American League. Goodness knows, he surely didn't by returning to the National League.

I'm sure all Mets fans wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. We just all wish he wasn't doing it in another uniform on the Mets' dime.

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