Sunday, June 23, 2013

First half memorables for the Mets

Lucas Duda
Lucas Duda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ike Davis
Ike Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Justin Turner
Justin Turner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jon Niese 1
Jon Niese 1 (Photo credit: Up Along First)
Wendy Adair

The first half of the 2013 season is almost over and the Mets have had a memorable if not extremely disappointing first half so far.

It is clear that this team needs a lot of work but they are showing signs of improving; and that is what rebuilding is all about, seeing who is part of the future and who does not have a place on the roster.

This road trip has been incredible 5 wins and 3 losses, all while losing Lucas Duda, Justin Turner and Jonathan Niese to the Disabled List.  They are off tomorrow and play three more games on the road in Chicago against the White Sox and one in Colorado (make up game from snowed out April game) before returning home for the weekend.

Ike Davis is showing a great deal of improvement since his demotion to Las Vegas, but the Mets will wait at least a few more days, if not a week or two before activating him back to the Major League level.

Matt Harvey, David Wright  and Daniel Murphy are all making their cases to represent the Mets next month for the All Star Game at CitiField.  Harvey is 7-1 and would be an incredible addition to the rotation for the National League

Wright is on an absolute tear right now and fans are campaigning like crazy for him to have the starting 3rd baseman's job for the National League next month.  Pablo Sandoval currently has the lead but the fact that he is on the Disabled List with a fracture in his foot may make it difficult for him to be a starter for the mid-summer classic.

Ruben Tejada is not close to returning but the play of Omar Quintanilla has really not left a void in the Mets infield, it will be an interesting decision once Tejada is ready to return to the team.

Sandy Alderson should be actively seeking to improve the roster later next month at the trade deadline.

Last year he was inactive and the team suffered incredible the second half, we can only hope that the Mets continue to play well in all aspects of the game, timely hitting, dominating rotation and a bullpen that is both rested and effective, something that the Mets have been lacking over the last several years.
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