Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baseball is a year round event, just ask Mets Captain, David Wright

Sandy Alderson
Sandy Alderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wendy Adair

The GM Meetings are being held this week and there is no question that Sandy Alderson has a major shopping list for this fall and winter.

Many Mets fans are speculating who will be wearing Mets blue and orange in 2014, that remains a mystery but the one thing you can depend on is David Wright being a major force even this offrseason.

His hamstring injury was devastating in the second half of 2013, and true fans admire his determination to rejoin the team for the last ten games of the season and show his teammates how to rehab from injury.

He is an incredible example of how the game should be played and how to handle yourself on and off the field.

Wright is making recruiting phone calls and texts to free agents, trying his best to convince them to be his teammates and get the Mets fans a contending team next summer.

The best selling point would be the talent on the field but having an ambassador in David Wright is the next best thing.

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