Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ranking Which Players Mets Fans Have to Look Forward to Most in Spring Training

Shale Briskin
Assistant Editor

The Super Bowl has ended, Ray Lewis ended his illustrious career by going out on top, Ed Reed got his long awaited ring and Joe Flacco went to Disney World. All of this can only mean one thing.

Baseball season is almost here!

The Mets have already moved all their gear to Florida and quite a few of the players are already in camp to get ready for the upcoming season. Here are the 5 players that fans should be most excited to see during Spring Training.

5. Johan Santana

Johan Santana's time with the Mets has certainly been marred by injuries, but with the 2013 season almost certainly being his final season in New York, the least that fans can do is embrace the situation and try to make the most of it.

Will Santana actually stay healthy and pitch reasonably well? Or will injuries plague his victory lap season and end his time with the Mets on a sour note? Time will tell whether Santana can stay healthy and pitch well.

4. Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey has already made 10 major league starts, so the hype for him this season may not be the same compared to 2012. But Harvey is still a young and very talented pitcher with a lot of upside. Watching him over the course of a full season should be fun and entertaining for all Mets fans.

3. Noah Syndergaard

One of the main pieces to the R.A. Dickey blockbuster trade, Syndergaard is also very talented and should start the 2013 season with the St. Lucie Mets, but will not be ready for the major leagues for at least another few seasons. Nonetheless, it should be fun to see him pitch in Spring Training.

2. Travis D'Arnaud

The centerpiece of the big trade with the Blue Jays though was catcher Travis D'Arnaud. He is one of the top catching prospects and should be ready for the major leagues sometime this year. It's unknown whether D'Arnaud will start the season on the Opening Day roster or in the minor leagues for the first month or so. Regardless, fans will be excited to see him play when the time comes.

1. Zack Wheeler

Despite the presences of D'Arnaud and Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler will still be front and center once again at Spring Training. He is the Mets' top prospect and could find himself in the Opening Day rotation if he really impresses the Mets during Spring Training.

More than likely though, Wheeler will make his major league debut in May or June. However, if a starter gets hurt, Wheeler will likely be the first pitcher called up to fill the void.

Mets fans will more than likely want to see Wheeler pitch in the major leagues and some may even view him as the future savior of the Mets that could lead the team to a championship. But for now, Wheeler will be watched very closely by nearly everyone in spring training as the hype continues.

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