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Scenario for Mets 2014 Pitching Rotation

English: Johan Santana
English: Johan Santana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dillon Gee - New York NL - 2011 Blue
Dillon Gee - New York NL - 2011 Blue (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)
Zach Wheeler
Zach Wheeler (Photo credit: OneTigerFan)
Jon Niese 12:58, 29 January 2009 . . Officerfr...
Jon Niese 12:58, 29 January 2009 . . Officerfrank . . 375×500 (128 KB) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wendy Adair
MM Contributor/Editor

The Mets will likely be a very different team in 2014, Sandy Alderson has a lot of deals to make, both via trade and Free Agency.

It is all but certain that Matt Harvey will not be in the starting rotation in 2014 and the Mets will have moved past Johan Santana.

Here are my thoughts on how the starting rotation may look like on Opening Day, this is in no particular order but just who I think will be in the rotation:

1) Jon Niese: He is under contract and is not likely to be moved, I see him as a long term solution.

2) Zach Wheeler: This kid is the real deal, I look for him to be part of the rotation for many years.

3) Dillon Gee: He has been as reliable as any other pitcher, other than his giving up a lot of Home Runs (22 in 2013 alone, 54 for his career, if he keeps the ball down, he induces ground balls as well as anyone else in the Major Leagues.

The other two starters I believe will be done via Free Agency and Trades, who would you like to see in the starting rotation in 2014?
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