Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baseball Writers leveling the playing field, but lets be realistic....

There is no question that PEDs have played a role in MLB for many years and that careers of these players are geared towards two things, championship rings and Hall of Fame votes.

Well the HOF induction fiasco earlier this week has a lot of Mets fans very angry, Mike Piazza was not elected in to the Hall of Fame, but to be fair neither was Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens.  The common thread with these players is that they are linked to illegal PED use. 

I will not get into who used or did not use what, it really does not matter, baseball is sending a message that drug use will not be tolerated and that players who are caught with failed drug tests will pay dearly for their enhanced performances.

The game of baseball has changed a lot, the players are putting more pressure on themselves to outslug and outplay their predecessors because it has become all too common to call today's players "soft" and "entitled" due to the money that they are getting paid.  To the point that stints on the Disabled List for anything other than a serious injury brings out the worst in a team's fans.  Players feel the need to take injections to help injuries either heal faster or just relieve the pain so they can play every game as the fans expect.

Mike Piazza will forever be in Mets fans hearts for his impact during his years in New York, most notably in 2011 after the terrorist attacks shook New Yorkers to their very core.  His clutch HR to win the first game back in New York after 9/11 will never be forgotten by any fan alive to witness or read about what that HR meant to New York.

The Hall of Fame inductions and its baseball writers votes will always have its rules and traditions, but barring true impact players from the Hall of Fame because of PED's taken, especially for innocent reasons, needs to change, these players deserve the recognition.

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