Monday, January 14, 2013

Guilt by Association

So, like everyone else, I was very disappointed yesterday that Mike Piazza did not get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. And what was the reason? We all know that he has the stats during his career to be considered for the Hall. So, why didn't he get in?

 Piazza has been put in the group of players who played during the so-called "steroid era" and it's just not fair. Where is the evidence that Mike was a cheater? Was his name in the Mitchell Report? Did Mike show obvious physical signs of steroid use?

The answer to all of these questions is "no". In our country, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. With this result, Mike Piazza is considered guilty until he eventually gets voted into the Hall of Fame. This is not how we are supposed to view people in America. I know that Mike will eventually get voted in - he's just too good not to have that elite distinction.

He is arguably the greatest offensive catcher of all time. It's just a shame that he has to be included with a group of players that everyone knows cheated. And hopefully, when Mike Piazza's plaque is unveiled in Cooperstown, he will be sporting a Mets cap. The people who are allowed to vote for these Hall of Fame players need to take a long hard look at the process in general.

Maybe the voters need to include others, like broadcasters and current Hall of Famers who would be willing to take an objective look at the whole thing. The writers alone should not be the sole voters - it's leaving out many more qualified individuals who could look past the suspicions and rumors to elect players worthy of the Hall and what it is supposed to represent. Mike Piazza will get elected someday - - and that day will be a wonderful celebration for the man who lifted our spirits after September 11th and showed leadership and passion for the game.

Thank you, Mike for all that you did for the Mets and the fans. You are already a Hall of Famer to us.

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