Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why the Mets need to get Bourn

Jackson Walsh
MM Correspondent

Following Scott Hairston's two-year deal with the Chicago Cubs, the Mets real only hope is the primed free agent Michael Bourn. The Mets have been reticent due to enjoying the thought of a number 11 first round draft pick.

But the Amazin's can have their cake and eat it too if they get the ruling they are seeking, that acquiring a top free agent like Bourn would not effect their ticket number in this upcoming draft. Then they get another outfielder to fill a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and perhaps another young prospect to give the team a little more hope for future seasons.

Normally, a team can't argue having their draft pick used in a case like this. The difference here is that the Mets finished with the tenth worst record last season. That earned them the number 10 pick. Major League Baseball awarded that spot to the Pittsburgh Pirates as an extra draft pick for compensation. Only the top ten picks are secure when a team signs a free agent like Bourn.

There is no guarantee that Bourn would answer the Mets call, yet it would transform the outfield rotation (Duda-Nieuwenhuis-Baxter) and add on to the reserves (Cowgill, Brown). A contending mark for Bourn is far off, yet being the only player wanting a big league contract, it just might be the only alternative

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